Great Lakes Concrete recommends concrete over asphalt for many reasons, not just because it's our business.

First of all, concrete lasts longer.  Second, asphalt driveways heat up faster and create pot holes and cracks where there are wheel traffic or vehicles sitting on them.  Concrete will not create pot holes.  Third, Asphalt driveways are typically cheaper to install but need more care over time to protect them.  Fourth, asphalt driveways are 2.5 inches thick and concrete driveway s are 5 inches thick.  Fith, having a concrete driveway will add value to your home or business.  

Beautiful Designed Concrete Driveways:

Add value to your home or curbside appeal with an exposed concrete driveway.  We specialize in exposed or decorative driveways.  Great Lakes Concrete provides free estimates for your driveway as well as work with you to find the right look to compliment your property.

Great Lakes Concrete has all kinds of finishes and stamp designs that will make your driveway stand out and last for decades.